About us

Eyes and glasses have been our business here in south Wiltshire for over 20 years, we’ve been cycling a lot longer. I never got off a bike in a worse frame of mind than I got on, says it all.

We are pleased with this range of sports glasses, all tested on the tracks and tarmac of south Wiltshire. I select, import, manufacture, ship all of what we sell, so the buck stops here.

We aim to be super lean in order to offer you excellent quality at the best prices. You’re welcome to contact me personally with questions, feedback, suggestions, concerns, ideas for cycling events.

Triathletes, golfers, runners etc. will all, we hope, be impressed with these glasses too, we just ride first and foremost.

Check out the 3Dpure glasses, expensive, but there is nothing quite like them. They are manufactured by a unique UK developed process, truly innovative.

The Science Bit – I qualified as an optometrist with a BScHons in Ophthalmic Optics in 1990 and passed my professional exams in 1991 becoming a member of the College of Optometrists. I have a Masters in Business Administration from Edinburgh Business School in 2004 so ask me anything you need to.

Oh yes, favourite bike – 2007 Pompino singlespeed.