Lx005 Blue/Black Prescription Sports Glasses

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Another lightweight, excellent all-rounder with a lens for all conditions.


Classic sports wrap styling, flexible temples with rubber insert for comfort and to prevent slipping, and adjustable rubber bridge for best fit.

Polycarbonate UV400 protection lenses:

Dark grey polarised for bright conditions and reflective surfaces such as snow and water.

Dark brown for bright conditions, a versatile tint with reflection free treatment.

Mid density yellow for to improve contrast in lower light levels.

Mid density grey a neutral tint for lower light levels.

Clear with reflection free treatment for the best visibility in low light.


Tough nylon case, pouch, cleaning cloth and cord.

Choose your prescription clip from the accessories further down the page.

Any questions please email: sports@nowyousee.co.uk          Free UK shipping


Cleaning: Rinse the lens under a tap, use some liquid soap if the lens is stained, dry using the lens cloth provided.


Product Note Status Price
Lx005 Bifocal Clip Lx005 Bifocal Clip
Includes bifocal lenses to your prescription. £75.00
Lx005 Prescription Clip Lx005 Prescription Clip
Includes single vision lenses to your prescription. £45.00
Lx005 Varifocal Clip Lx005 Varifocal Clip
Includes varifocal lenses to your prescription. £125.00
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