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Rudy Project SALE

Rudy Project SALE

Rudy Project from £89

With your prescription from £144

One of our favourite brands!

Cycle & Sport FROM £50 COMPLETE

Cycle & Sport FROM £50 COMPLETE

Multilens sports glasses £25

Light reactive from £75       

Prescription included from £50

Excellent quality, superb value

Featured Products SAVE 50%

Featured Products SAVE 50%

Lx013  Was £45 Now £22.50

Super comfortable sports frame

5 x interchangeable UV400 lens

Brilliant sports glasses!

Snow & Climb SALE

Snow & Climb SALE

Altitude specific sports

Glasses from £25

Prescription lenses available

Mountain specific tints





The Ultimate 3D Lens - Probably!

Passive 3D and Cinema

From £159

A unique product

Land & Water

Land & Water

Shoot, sail or golf glasses

Sport specific tints

Prescription from £25 extra

All prescriptions available