HDlife - High Definition Lifestyle Eyewear

Control glare, reduce fatigue, improve visual comfort for driving, computer, TV and gaming.

I'm a qualified optometrist for over 30 years, I oversee every order from start to shipment.


 Lens features:

  • Unique, ophthalmic quality, high definition lens structure.
  • Reflection free treatment to reduce glare.
  • Easy clean and water repellent treatment.
  • UV filter.
  • Scratch resistant treatment.
  • All prescriptions available including varifocals.


Frame features:

  • Super lightweight frame, only 14g complete including lenses, for best comfort.
  • Hypoallergenic material.
  • Scandinavian influenced design, optimised field of view ideal for driving or office.
  • Screwless construction, no screws to come loose or fall out.
  • Choose from 4 colours
  • Case and cloth made from recycled plastics.

Our Promise:

  • Change your mind within 60 days and we'll exchange or refund.
  • FREE UK shipping - Next day from stock, 5 days for prescription orders, we'll do our best if you need things quicker.
  • Warranty - 365 days for manufacturing defects.
  • UK manufactured and shipped.
  • Need help choosing? Take the short questionnaire on the home page and our optician will make personalised recommendations.

Prescription orders?  Send me a copy of your optician's prescription. Please send your pupil distance, see below for instructions if you don't have it. Call or email if you need varifocals.

Always happy to talk - Phone or email - 07500 662783 - hello@nowyousee.co.uk